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Our Fazzaz team has gathered here all the questions that our car enthusiasts may have.
We invite you to browse this page that we have written with care and seriousness in order to best meet your needs.
If the answer to your question is not listed on this page, we invite you to contact us.
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In order to be able to correspond, establish a professional relationship, perform any activity, travel etc. with one or several other Members, you will need to upload at least one recent picture of yourself which displays a true likeness. Examples are provided on the registration form. You can then add secondary photos or edit your main photo by going to the ‘Photos & ID' section of your account. The maximum number of photos is set to four per Profile. We are demanding when it comes to the quality of our Members' photos and we reserve the right to remove any photograph not in keeping with the Fazzaz spirit without having to provide an explanation. Group photos are not accepted.
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At Fazzaz, we strive to ensure optimal verification of the identities of our car enthusiast Members through our verification process. Give preferential treatment to Members with the "Verified Member" badge!
You can perform a detailed search and select “yes” on the “Verified Member” search filter.
A “Verified Member” is a Member whose identity has been manually validated by our security team. You can then be sure of the authenticity of this car enthusiast's Profile.
The request to obtain the “Verified Member” badge remains optional. However, we strongly encourage our Members to do it, our goal being to build a genuine and trustworthy Community with friends who share the same automotive Passion.
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If your Contact Request is declined or has not been answered after eight days, Fazzaz will reimburse your account instantly and in full …
No, the list of Members with whom you have been/are currently in contact is private and you are the only person who can access it.


All the content we offer you on is free. Please note that there is also no limit to the number of Profiles you can visit for free.
A micro-payment only becomes due when you send a Contact Request to another Member. Pay as you go! If your Contact Request is declined or has not been answered within eight days, Fazzaz will reimburse your account instantly and in full.
You can make your payments by credit card (MasterCard, Visa) or via PayPal.
Fazzaz uses Monetico Payment, an encrypted payment solution used by the Banque Européenne du Crédit Mutuel. It complies with the highest safety standards. It is a PCI DSS and 3D-Secure compliant module.
We are very sorry to hear that things did not work out as expected. We advise you to double check the credit card details or that there is a sufficient balance on your PayPal account. If the payment still fails to go through, contac us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We promise we will do our best to sort it out!


The content of your Profile will be indexed by search engines. Therefore, Fazzaz gives all web users the opportunity to discover your Profile. However, to make contact with you, a User must first become a Fazzaz Member..
No, Members cannot see who has visited their Profile. Members are only notified once another Member has sent a Contact Request or message.
You cannot prevent Members from seeing your Profile.
Yes, whether you are a Fazzaz Member or an ordinary User, if you think a Member Profile might be of interest to one of your car enthusiast friends (Member or Non-Member), do not hesitate to share it. Simply click on the “Share with a friend” button at the bottom of each Profile. If you are a Fazzaz Member and the person with whom you wish to share a Profile is not yet a Fazzaz Member but wishes to become one, you will be given 3 free contact requests. Log in to your account before sharing the Profile to make sure you don't miss out. Your sponsor code will then automatically be forwarded to the recipient who must mention it on his/her formulaire d'inscription.
Even though we take every possible measure to prevent identity theft through our verification process, someone could still try to pretend to be someone else. If you witness such identity theft, report it here. We thank you for helping us to build a secure and trustworthy Community!
If you feel that a Member is breaching our Code of Conduct, please report it here. Again, thank you for helping us to build a safe and trustworthy Community!


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